Since its founding in 1990, AKARMAK has become a highly recognized institution internationally in the sectors in which it operates in Turkey and all over the world. Thanks to the investments AKARMAK has made in the personal development of its personnel and the research and development activities to which it has allocated a significant part of its resources, we are able to manufacture high-end, high-value-added, and advanced engineered machinery.

Our goal is to improve our team’s ability to compete on a global scale and to be at the top of industry standards.

Our Human Resources Policy is to meet our human resource needs in line with our company's strategic plans and objectives, and to ensure that our resources are utilized and maintained in the most efficient way.

In this regard:

  • We provide continuous training and self-development opportunities for our employees.
  • We conduct career planning for our employees to maximize their productivity.
  • We create equal opportunities among our employees.
  • We prioritize the motivation and commitment of our employees to AKARMAK.
  • We uphold the protection of all rights of our employees.
  • We continuously review, update and improve our Human Resources Policies.

For general employment and internship opportunities, you can contact us at