Truck Tire Retreading

Cushiongum Extruder

AKR 555 Cushiongum Extruder
AKR 550 Cushiongum Extruder and Tread Builder
  • Min. tire diameter: 700 mm; Max. tire diameter: 1250 mm; suitable for 445/65x22.5”
  • Screw and barrel type extruder and extrusion width range: 140 - 450 mm
  • Heating and cooling control
  • Siemens control system
  • Top quality hardware, pneumatic, hydraulic and servo systems

User Benefits

  • Cushion gum extrusion and tread building in the same work station
  • End of cement use
  • Standard size and economical cushion gum strip tread use
  • Labor savings in cushion gum application, filling and tread building (approx 15 minutes per tire)
  • Automatic cushion gum filling of 5 mm and less depth skives
  • Higher performance and low failure retreaded tires

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