Medical Waste Sterilization

Pre Autoclave Shredding

The medical waste shredding and autoclaving takes place in the integrated machine, and high degree sterilization is achieved. The following are the standard pre autoclave shredding systems:

  • AKR250L (20-30 kg/cycle) (Clinics and hospitals)
  • AKR500L (50-70 kg/cycle) (Mid and large size hospitals)
  • AKR1000L (100-130 kg/cycle) (Mid and large size hospitals)
  • AKR2500L (250-300 kg/cycle) (Centralized plants)
Medical Waste Sterilization – Quick Facts:

  • Up to 8log10 microbial inactivation sterilization
  • Certified by independent agencies such as Robert Koch Institute & STAATT Level IV
  • Design and manufacturing in 2014/68/EU (PED), ASME SEC VIII Div. 1 (U&S), EAC (GOST) standards
  • Pre and post autoclave shredding technologies
  • Efficient vacuuming and direct steam sterilization
  • Wide capacity range for hospitals and centralized sterilization plants
  • Engineered and designed in robust, durable and safe features
  • Decades of Akarmak autoclave engineering and know-how featuring bayonet door closure systems
  • Up to 80% volume reduction
  • Durable and long lasting in-house manufactured shredder technology
  • User friendly and flexible PLC control systems and ready to use recipes
  • Highest safety standards design, manufacturing and superior durability
  • Turn key solutions including: Pressurizing systems, steam generator/boiler, automatic loading/unloading, spare shredder

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